"It has been so wonderful working with Elvi. I like her gentle but effective approach. She always listened to all my issues big and small and slowly gave recommendations so that I had time to process and incorporate them in my daily life. She also helped me to observe my feelings/ emotions without judgement and that helps me to be more present in every moment without being stressed. Also her guidance to connect with my childhood has been so helpful for me to handle my emotions.

Elvi gave me a wonderful tool box to use in my daily life. These recommendations helped me in my digestive issues, anxiety, hair fall and joint pain. I’ll keep practicing them. I will definitely contact her whenever I need any help for both my physical and emotional health." 

-Manisha C., Ayurvedic consultation 

"I had some health concerns which regular doctors could not address. I shared my issues with Elvi and decided to give Ayurveda a shot. First, she assessed me to determine my type. Then she gave me the list of the recommendations to follow. Finally, she would follow up with me every week to see the results. Honestly, I was pretty skeptical about her way of healing. However after noticing how my mood would change to a more positive state, or sleep would become better, and more importantly, those health concerns I came to her with stopped to be an issue over a course of few months. I now highly recommend Elvi and her knowledge to all my friends who are interested to solve the health issues naturally and with the guided help of a specialist!" 

-Tatiana Y., Ayurvedic consultation 

"I enjoyed every minute of my Abhyanga massage with Elvi. She has a way of working very deep yet gentle at the same time. My body felt completely safe and I went into deep relaxation throughout the entire session. Not only did I receive during the session, but also the following days I received a more calm body and mind."

-Amy V., Ayurvedic massage

"Gentle, yet strong hands with dance-like movement put me in a state of total and deep relaxation that lasted well beyond the session.  My nervous system has never been so calm with after-glow lasting a few days.  Looking forward to my next session, thank you Elvi!"

-Anton A., Ayurvedic massage 

"I had an experience of Abhyanga, Ayurvedic oil massage with Elvi. I was so positively surprised how different this massage is and what a significant relaxing and stabilizing effect it had on my nervous system. I also loved warm oil and atmosphere, Elvi’s presence is very grounding and her advice to adjust my diet helped me to improve my sleep!"

-Maria P., Ayurvedic massage